SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers
SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers
SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers
SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers
SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers
SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers
SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer - Labineers

SV Tuning-Fork Vibrational Viscometer

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Revolutionize Your Research with A&D's Tuning Fork Viscometer Series: Precision, Versatility, and Efficiency in Viscosity Measurement

Embark on a new journey of precision and efficiency in viscosity measurement with the A&D Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer Series. This innovative series, including models SV-1A, SV-10A, and SV-100A, is designed to redefine your research capabilities, offering unparalleled precision and versatility in a single, user-friendly instrument.

Minimal Sample Requirements, Maximized Efficiency One of the most striking features of the SV-A series is its ability to perform accurate viscosity measurements with a minimal sample volume. Needing as little as 2 ml of sample liquid for the SV-1A model, this series is a game-changer for laboratories where sample conservation is crucial. This feature not only reduces waste but also makes the series particularly valuable for working with rare or costly materials.

Broad Measurement Range, No Sensor Plate Replacement The SV-A series stands out from conventional rotational viscometers by eliminating the need to switch between multiple rotors for different viscosity ranges. The series can handle a wide range of measurements continuously [SV-1A: 0.3 to 1000 mPa・s; SV-10A: 0.3 to 10000 mPa・s; SV-100A: 1 to 100 Pa・s] using the same, fixed sensor plates. This not only simplifies the measurement process but also significantly reduces downtime associated with changing and calibrating multiple sensors.

Robust Titanium Sensor Plates and Integrated Temperature Sensor Durability and chemical resistance are key in laboratory environments, and the SV-A series delivers on both fronts. The sensor plates are made from titanium, known for its anti-corrosive properties and resistance to a variety of chemical substances. This makes the viscometer suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals without the risk of degradation or contamination.

Precise Positioning with X-Y-Z Stage When dealing with small sample volumes, precision is paramount. The X-Y-Z Stage feature of the SV-A series facilitates fine position adjustment of the sample cup in three dimensions. This is especially beneficial when using very small sample cups, ensuring precise alignment and consistent measurement results.

Quick, Precise, and Easy to Use The A&D Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer Series is not just about precision; it's also about speed and ease of use. The series delivers quick results, with the initial viscosity coefficient indicated just 15 seconds after starting the measurement. The viscometer continuously displays measured values in real time, responding promptly to changes in viscosity. This real-time monitoring is crucial for processes where immediate feedback on viscosity changes is necessary.

Simultaneous Temperature and Viscosity Measurements Viscosity is highly temperature-dependent, with changes in the range of –2% to –10%/°C. Recognizing this, the SV-A series is equipped with a temperature sensor (0 to 160°C range) adjacent to the viscosity sensor plates. This enables simultaneous monitoring of both viscosity and temperature, providing a comprehensive view of the sample's behaviour under varying thermal conditions.

Enhanced Data Analysis with WinCT-Viscosity Software Data visualization and analysis are integral to modern research. The SV-A series comes with the Windows Communication Tools Software “WinCT-Viscosity”, enhancing data interpretation and presentation. The accompanying graphing program RsVisco receives viscosity and temperature data from the viscometer and creates informative graphs in real time on a personal computer. This feature allows for an in-depth analysis of viscosity and temperature changes over time and their interrelationship, offering valuable insights into the properties of the sample under study.

Diverse Application Range The versatility of the SV-A series makes it suitable for a wide array of applications, from industrial to biological settings. It can be used for controlling the viscosity of inks, adhesives, coatings, and resist liquids, as well as for monitoring the cure processes of polymers and other materials. In the biological domain, the series is adept at quantifying the physical properties of substances like blood and assessing the “swallowability” of beverages.

Sample Temperature Control Accurate viscosity measurement often requires precise temperature control. The SV-A series addresses this need with its standard water jacket, designed to work in conjunction with a commercially available constant heat water tank. This setup ensures that the sample remains at a constant temperature, which is crucial for accurate viscosity measurement across a range of 0 to 100°C.

The Science Behind the Precision: How the Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer Works At the heart of the SV-A series is its innovative tuning fork vibro mechanism. Two thin sensor plates, arranged in a tuning fork configuration, are electromagnetically driven to vibrate at their natural (resonant) frequency of 30 Hz within the sample fluid. Viscosity is calculated based on the proportional relationship between the viscous resistance of the sample fluid and the amount of electric current required to maintain the sensor plates at a constant vibration amplitude. This method ensures extremely high precision over the full measurement range, with an excellent repeatability of 1% of the measured value (by standard deviation).

Compliance with Industry Standards The SV-A series is not only innovative but also compliant with industry standards. The method is recognized as a Japan industrial standard for viscosity measurement of liquids (JIS Z8803) and is accredited as a standard device by the Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS). This compliance underscores the reliability and accuracy of the viscometer, making it a trustworthy choice for various industries.

Customizable Sample Cup Options and Anti-Vibration Table To cater to different sample sizes and types, the SV-A series offers a variety of sample cup options, including polycarbonate and glass cups in different volumes. The series also includes an optional anti-vibration table (AD-1671A), which effectively isolates the viscometer from low-frequency vibrations that could affect measurement accuracy.

In conclusion, the A&D Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer Series represents a leap forward in viscosity measurement technology. Its combination of precision, efficiency, versatility, and compliance with industry standards makes it an invaluable tool for researchers and professionals across various fields. Embrace the future of viscosity measurement with the A&D SV-A series and elevate your research to unprecedented levels of accuracy and insight.

PDF BrochureSV-1A Brochure 

PDF BrochureSV-10 SV-100 Brochure 

Accessories Available (with link through to product page):

 Tabletop Anti-Vibration Table

 Vertical Position Lock

Full Set of Sample Containers and Water Jacket

Full Set of Sample Containers and Water Jacket for SV-1A

Water Jacket for Temperature Control

Black Tube Holder for 2ml Sample Tubes 

Clear Tube Holder for 2ml Sample Tubes

35ml Polycarbonate Sample Cup

13ml Glass Sample Cup

10ml Polycarbonate Sample Cup

10ml Disposable Sample Cups

2ml Sample Tubes with Lid for SV-1A

2ml Glass Sample Tubes with Rack

Tube Holder for 2ml cups for SV-1A

60ml Glass Storage Container 

120ml Storage Container

5M Display Extension Cable

Analogue Output for Viscometer

Dust Cover Sensor and Stand

Dust Cover for Controller and Display 



 PDF Manual DownloadSV-1A Manual  

PDF Manual DownloadSV-10 SV-100 Manual 

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